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Comicfiesta 2008

Didn't really have time 2 update my blog..
But this year Comicfiesta was the best! Thanks 2 their Committee members~
But i really enjoy the 2nd day (Where Team Himitsu appeared,hohoho)
just upload some pics..and Team Himitsu is a sesat group it appears~

My so called wedding picture (special thanks 2 Summer Raven and Firera)

<<Forbidden Love

Pure blooded Vampire and Hunter

Hiou Shizuka and Toga Yagari



Lai Sze said...

Forbidden Love!!
Should not happen!

人形姫 said...

can i marry you too?

WednesdayRaven said...

Bwahaha, Lai Sze already felt jealousy XD

Update your blog leh....

Arisa said...

lol..I'm trying my best 2 update lo
how bout u le Raven? XD

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