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I know...sigh..I'm freakin lazy to even update my own blog..
I was wondering what is the use of it in the 1st place if don't even update it..XD
I've been 2 many events 4 the past few months and took many photos and didn't even bother 2 upload it here...><

I will start with AniManGaki =) It's a small event but looks like dapat sambutan^^
Alot of CF cosplayers there and the event wasnt that bad^^
1st day-
Me as DIVA from Blood+

*Throws Teddy*
Me and Saya nee-sama (Cosplayed by Sakura Amane)

My Chevalier-Solomon by Tzezumi
My Husband Audrey Pyon XD

Alison and Reno

Allen Daddy and Me=)

Me and Reno XD
Will update 2nd day next time =)



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