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Finally!!!!!!!!!! XD

PHEW....i finally started my cosplay project 4 Anicom..i rest too much already ><
hahaha..now they are in progress, practically almost complete.Lol XD

i hate my life i spent 18 hours studying and nothing goes in my head..what a waste of time XD

Thank God there was cosplay 2 keep my head down and cool..If there wasnt such hobby i wonder what could have happen to me by now? I bet I wont be the same person you guys had met XD

Project 1~
Take a good guess who's costume im making^^
This is the making~

This is the ALMOST complete costume^^

Project 2~

Take a wild guess on this one^^ Lol

Since the H1NI virus is about i wish my dumb school would close down..
There is a least 3 confirmed cases and they still reluctant 2 close it..screw them!
I bet when everyone is infected then they will start thinking about closing..Wise move SMKBPJ(B)..



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