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Oh the attention i'm getting! Stop it ya'll *blush*  Can't believe i'm actually sharing this post but yeah..think dee...

Men ARE just plain Idiots (proven and pls prove me wrong if i am)

what gives them? their emo behavior or its just women (which is always we are the ones who SEEMS to be causing them this problem >>) I always wish i was a guy ( the PMs problem >> why men dont get that? It sucks)

I was wondering why 3 guys can idiotically fall for the same girl at the same time (weird) its not like that girl had traits they were looking for. Its not like she could give them what they wanted. In this world everyone has different needs as we grow our need changes. All the crap that i have endured for the past few months, having it was all my fault. If i never gotten to know them maybe my life will be the way it was? Crying over spilled milk (i know.im ridicules) i tell people the past is the past and you cant change it no matter how much u want to..on the other hand(ironically) i cant seem to get over it myself. sigh...what I felt, what i've ever wanted was something simple.was it too much to ask for? My answer might be a "YES".

Back to i was saying- My best friend and photographer (will not mention who) i want him to move on. All i pray for him is to forget bout that stupid girl and move on.She's not worth wasting his time waiting for her. No matter how many times u message her asking for her forgiveness and wanting to make amends for it, i dont think she deserves it. All her replies were "sorry". Age gap of 16 years is too much to bear(though she knows age gap is no barrier) Her decisions was she wanted but she didnt want it to affect you because you are a friend she cherishes.

many nights she cried herself to sleep( i think it must, i mean it surely pissed her boyfriend off.wonder how he can stand her ?) all she ever asked is for forgiveness and pray that things will be normal between the two friends she broke apart. So sorry for what I've done. When u said "how will u know it wont work out when we never try?" Questions like this i let God answer them in my prayers. Let him take away my sorrows , pain and all the suffering i had caused everyone. Hope You will read this. Im so sorry, all i can ever do now is apologize, wish i could do something about it.Hate seeing someone who is dear to me suffer.Sorry.



| eXo | said...

Man ain't a plain idiots.

Relationship and the blindness of impurity in love making them look like idiot, and it make woman looks the same too.

Arisa said...

Yea..maybe so. Lol. who u seem to understand the crap im typing.lol

| eXo | said...


I'm just a random dude who live in my own world ( No, its still real world cause I'm not an otaku. ) and wish there's anti-cupid ( even there's no such thing as this, I don't mind to be one ) to break up all the relationship in this world.

TL;DR: I'm no one.

Arisa said...


人形姫 said...

Feelings is up to the person to decide who he/she comfortable to be with.

Not all men are plain idiots,they only see the person they like are somewhat special or unique for them.

But we girls tend to think that we doesn't have any special abilities or whatsoever to attract anyone.

Blah with the shits i type. anyway
Think what is right,and do what is right to you so that you feel comfortable to be who you are.

You know that your sister is always here for you :3

Aiko said...

Reverse harem. Lol

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