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La Senza

Went to 1 Utama today to watch PAUL (yes, alien space balls ) haha..overall review on my side is the story line was okay..(don't watch it if you are a saint -.-;;;) AND the excessive amount of cursing in every dialogue is enough to send you rolling of your seat..seriously..a good movie to watch on a laid back Saturday =)

LA SENZA @ 1Utama was having a promotion today for their new launched bra called


for more updates you can follow their fan page on Facebook -http://www.facebook.com/lasenzamalaysia
i have to admit their bras are costly BUT worth your money to get a set =) no women wardrobe is complete without an expensive & comfortable lingerie <3

LOLS the freebie they gave sound a lil kinky haha couldnt help laughing after reading the words LOL

weeeeeeeeeeee~~~ finally a new comfy bra *lotsa love*



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