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I just love green so much and i don't think i'll ever be able to get enough of this lovely colour! My current review is for RIMMEL LONDON's latest eyeshadow -MONO eyeshadow- ENVY

RIMMEL LONDON never ceased to amaze me with their latest product - RIMMEL Mono Eyeshadow, the colour combinations are amazing! A must try product for you ladies out there who loves bold eyeshadow colours!

I have to admit, this is the longest wearing eyeshadow i have tried on so far. after 8 hours the colour still maintains, you wouldn't need to fret about going to the bathroom every hour to touch up!

To top it up, this eyeshadow is easy to apply on! Don't worry about it coming with out the mini applicator just use your finger to apply on and Voila! amazing instant results. Since the casing is small, its easy to carry around without much hassle.

Last but not least I always thought that bright colours were a bit over the top to use for casual out things but looks like RIMMEL has proven me wrong! Its available in markets, priced at only RM14.90 each! Very reasonably priced.

Its a must have product!! :D



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