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Don't we girls just adore..

MASCARAS! its like the best thing ever invented! I've been changing many mascaras to find the perfect one, well guess my search is over(unless another one catches my eye *w*), because Dejavu 's Fiber wig mascara extends your lashes so long till it looks like your wearing fake lashes. No kidding! And on the bright side you need not worry about having troubles removing it, i understand we girls have problem removing some of our best waterproof mascaras (which can cause us to loose a few lashes in the process)

 With Dejavu all you need to do is use warm water and it easily comes off in tube form.

Dejavu, Exclusively at SaSa, Makng Life Beautiful :D

Available @ every SaSa Outlet, Priced at RM59.90 (now they are having promotion! Comes with a free I-Phone Casing or lipstick!)

Sorry for the low quality photos D: taken by my Hp camera as i do not own an dslr. But as you can see how long my lashes are after using the mascara :)


The brush head. It will clup if you put too many coatings, so be careful when applying :) But if your doing the Japanese style natural make up (where you need to re-apply the mascara for a very thick lashes looking effect)


Here is a tutorial I've found on Youtube :) but try not to draw a full for the lower part of your eye (tends to make your eyes look smaller if you draw wrongly) draw half will do.



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