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Ipoh trip

Wasn't really well planned lol but managed to achieve the purpose i went there for :)
Its been almost 10 years since i last went back to Ipoh, not many changes aside from the increasing buildings. A very peaceful & quite town i might as well add. and No, i did not eat the steam chicken & tau gay dish -.- though ppl go to ipoh for that.  It was just a short one day trip alone :) next stop would be my hometown Melaka, yay!

the Only Jusco in Ipoh, still no changes (except for the shops lol) :D

went to chill at Coffee bean to charge my HP (thank god !if not i GG no way to contact my friends lo><)

Coffee Bean
Hazelnut coffee (oh! the joy!)
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Cheese cake <3
on the way to Ipoh Town

The famous funny mountain drive through soya bean  stand lol
in the train on the way back to KL



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