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MASiF 2011 -Day 1

MASiF 2011 [15 -17 Sept] @ KLCC -Music, Arts, Style, International Festival

FB : http://www.facebook.com/masifestival

I was there tad too early i guess >< only managed to see them do the set up, bands doing their rehearsal and definitely i need  to ciao before the jam starts in KL due to Malaysia day celebration :)
Was hoping to go tomorrow for the Fashion Show D: but I promised a good friend of mine that I would attend his farewell party since i missed the previous one :D don't worry kuzu! I would definitely jump in front of the train for ya (by Bruno Mars XD) i wouldn't miss the whole world for this last gathering :)

And what puzzled me the most for this MASiF event was there isn't any schesule and they are not planning to give the public one either -.-  I even met this freelance photographer who was there at 10am(assuming event starting time) and waited almost the whole day (i met him around 4pm) i salute him for his dedication towards photography :)

The photo quality ain't that great, i know D:  i'm starting to miss my Samsung HP now T_T Sony Erricson, I'm sorry even though your camera is 5 mega pixels  you still can't beat my old samsung HP (which was only 3.5 mega pixels :p but could take sharp pictures XD)

A very nice weather at Pasar Seni LRT

Crew preparing the stage

Bands doing their rehearsal

Other bands started coming in for their rehearsals as well :D

Their Sponsor board

Back stage

Taken from 4th floor

The chains to control the crowd coming from the LRT to KLCC @@ and their air cond system is down at the tunnel lols, so you will see stand fans around

The crazy Jam at Kelana Jaya



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