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MITF 2011-DAY 2

Location : Mid Valley Mega mall
Event : MITF [Malaysian International Toy Fair]
Time : 12pm - 5pm
Date :10 / 9/ 2011

Wondering what am i doing in an event like that?lols Was there to help out Comic fiesta promote Comic Fiesta (sounds funny right? :D) Seeing me with the pink wig & fluffy ears and thinking what character am i cosplaying?  I'm Coffy! CF's mascot! Too bad my brother Tea couldnt be there D:

If you ask me how was the event, I would say Sucky. Seriously! the crowd response was average, you pay a fee of RM3 per entry but end up with disappointment. There weren't much displays & there wasn't even LEGO! talk about Sad wei.. Thank god there were some CF committees there to make things interesting :D I swear if it weren't for them I would Have died of boredom long time ago LOL

Doodoodolls <3 <3

Local Gempak artists :)

A Random Pose by Kira's husband LOL

Jared being Jared :D

Do drop by Comic Fiesta 2011!! @KLCC on the 17th &18th dec 2011 :D see you there!

Thank you Jason for dropping by & getting me an orange juice :D



Xamda Shatteredheart said...

In a toy fair, no LEGO equals PHAIL TERUK TERUK T^T

alanyuppie said...

No LEGO? That's not entirely true.

Guess u guys missed my LEGO Transformers displayed on Transmy booth :|

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