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Gloom's the game

Why so gloomy? that is a question i get practically everywhere i go. Sorry, was born without a smile :) and the world is such a bore

Note to self  &advises:
1) Nxt year find a single room (don't have to share with kiasu chinese ppl)
reason: my sleeping time is screwed. and i have lots of work to do so i do not sleep 8 hours like you big babies >.>

2) live with friends not bunch of strangers.
3) Try to Get English speaking housemates instead of Chinese educated ones
reason: I'm not being racist or anything (in case you Chinese ppl are offended) but you guys don't seem like the brightest bunch in the lot. Speak so loudly when you see your housemate is on the hp (at least la have the courtesy to lower down your voice)
I find Chinese language rather crude is because you people don't know how to speak softly, almost 90% of the time your shouting to each other.wtf. Don't you guys ever lose your voices?

4) to cleanliness freaks out there who are looking forward to move out, pls be considerate & stop being such selfish assholes. Don't rent a sharing room is you can't stand the sight of other ppl's things which you consider as "messy" your tahap of neatness is overboard la.

Just a rant...



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