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MaX Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blusher Review

First & foremost i would like to thank Yuberactive for giving me the opportunity to review MaX Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blusher :)

This blusher is made compact size (made easy to carry in your emergency make up pouch) but in my opinion regarding the casing is rather disappointing  because of the quality of the packaging is rather cheapskate looking & flimsy for a big brand like MAX FACTOR.

Okay..back to the blusher :) I received 08- SOFT MURANO (which is almost pinkish peachy color) the most suitable color for my skin! I'm slightly tanned by the way, due to constant walking under the sun & swimming :D
I got lucky this time with the make up product i guess! lol

Overall, it lives up to its name "Creamy blusher" the texture of this blusher is indeed creamy which makes application quite easy. Blending isn't a problem if you hadn't use loose/compact powder for your face (that is something i experimented on) Once you apply powder on your skin the blusher doesn't seem to blend evenly and it tends to remove the powder along with it during the blending process.

Other than that this blusher gets a 7/10 from  me :)

This babe is available at Metrojaya , Parkson , and Isetan (Lot 10)

Reasonably priced at RM28 each

Color available : Soft Murano
                         Soft Cardinal

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