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Oh the attention i'm getting! Stop it ya'll *blush*  Can't believe i'm actually sharing this post but yeah..think dee...

Journey to Comicfiesta 2011 with Coffy

First & Foremost i would love to thank all those who attended Comicfiesta 2011
My gratitude is never-ending for your faithful support over all these years
Do continue supporting us in every way..
*bows* m(_ _)m

Love ,

I would like to thank Comicfiesta for giving me the opportunity to cosplay as their Mascot, Coffy for this year, 2011(hopefully for more CFs to come :P)
It's an real honor .Thank you!
And thank you swing for being my awesome brother, Tea-kun!! You ARE SO BISHIE!!!!! * should have molested you more,fufuufu*
And to be honest i think we are related to each other through Comicfiesta(our mommy)
after the contact lens incident on day 2 that both of us had proves its all :D

Getting to cosplay again was amazing, sorry no fancy costumes for me this year :( sorry for the disappointment
Meeting old & new friends @ Comicfiesta has always been very memorable to me,it reminds me of how we  first met. I'll be looking forward to more ACG events in 2012 to meet you guys :)

How fast time flies..another few more days left in 2011..time to put away the old and welcome the new. Have you all prepared your resolution list yet? I haven't >.<

Photos day before CF'11

Rushing tea-kun's ears @@ done while standing + having meeting XD

somebody seems to be shedding FUR ..opps :P
Tea (swing) & Coffy (me) without make-up XD
meeting in process, why so serious? XD


day 1, group performance


Getting an autograph from shio shio
me as Coffy in a miko costume for Day 1 CF
getting my younger sis's book autographed by Koaru (local gempak artis)

Out of costume, a fun & tiring day 1

With ayase-senpai!!

Roxanne senpai <3
and kikyo senpai! :)
Getting to meet all 3 of my senpai was really great! They are my inspiration & motivation  for cosplay :)
The Best & most memorable moment me & Seraphina Soo had for Comic Fiesta was when one of the doujin booth owners came up to us and asked if we were the mascots & gifted us with a Coffy Chan & Tea-kun themed mugs ♥ Thank you so much for your support , best memory ever!:3
amazing performance by 3 song birds, from left : bin yun, shiomaru & freya
youtube LOL
my pedo meter is ON :3
That is all for Comicfiesta 2011 for more pictures do visit my page : Arisa Chow :3

Signing off,
Coffy a.k.a Arisa



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