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Rimmel London - Glam'Eyes Day2Night Mascara Review

Thank you again Yuberactive for giving me the opportunity to Review Rimmel London's first ever two way mascara : Glam'Eyes Day2Night Mascara
Hottest selling Mascara in the Market now 
I LOVE mascaras
First of all this mascara comes with two heads, yes in one tube how is that possible? I wonder as well, but there are two barrel opening for each head 
Basically like i join two mascaras together to get a thicker looking mascara brush

the Outermost barrel (black colored barrel, the 1st brush) is more suitable for daily usage (day time) 
because it isn't too much drama, but gives a natural long lash look.
Also suitable with people with short lashes like mua, really helps in making your lashes long and visible

The first barrel (black head)
I tried both heads separately on each eye :)
Let's start with the first brush, it's slightly smaller than the other one, but this helps in lengthening our lashes
My rating would be : Length : 8/10  , Volume : 5 /10
This head, gives a clean finish and false lash look, and look at the length! For babes, who loves long lashes or want long lashes without needing to wear falsies i'll recommend this mascara 

I love the long lash effect this mascara gives 
Moving on to the second barrel (the pink one) by joining two barrels (black+pink) you'll get a thicker looking brush,assuming it will give a more volumenized and dramatic looking lashes
The 2nd inner barrel,(pink + black)
A little warning : This mascara isn't waterproof 
I was kinda shock about that, found out after i started tearing and noticed some small black stuff underneath my eyes, lol
But on the bright side , EASY REMOVAL :D
you wouldn't need to spend much on special oil based make-up removal products!
The mascara is easily removed in a form of tubes, and it doesn't leave greasy black stains when being removed :-)

Yes, indeed it does work that way, but due to the brush design it is rather hard to apply without smudging around the corners :-(
and it's a bit difficult to reach the lashes in the inner part of the eye due to the brush design
rating wise : Volume : 7/10 , Length : 5/10
Noticed the smudges?
Try mixing both, apply the volume brush first then applying the lengthening one, satisfying results assured :D
Something i might consider getting again in the future :)
Yes, i'm a lazy person when it comes to mascara removal, so i usually aim for mascara like these lols!
Overall result, i'm satisfied with this mascara 



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