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Behind The Scenes : MIRROR IMAGE

Composed by talented, Isabella Tan from XBellanotte Photography
A crime drama made for her A-levels media project and I definitely will see an "A" coming from for this bella! :-P
After seeing all the efforts and dedication you have put into shooting this drama, it really kicked ass!
And I would Love to thank you for having me as one of your "actress" and "make-up artist", dies with happiness (sorry I'm such a failed one D: and i think Fung's make-up skills are awesome!♥ )

To Fung : We must do the forest shoot with snakes! ♥ :-D

Through the trolling and nerve wrecking interruptions thanks for being patient with all of us Bella! You will make an awesome patient Mom :-P

A slight synopsis on the plot : The CPB is tackling one of their strangest, yet a young seriel rapist and murdere who seem to be choosing certain types of female college students to replace his sexual fantasy of a girl he wants but could never have. As the team is tackling the case heads on, Agent Connor faces a predicament when he realises that a women he's emotionally attached t could be the key to catching this criminal - whose identity will break her heart..

"How Sad..Life is Such a Twisted fate..
Something we Lust for,
Is beyond our reach.."

A a picture says a thousand words, then i shall post some and stop typing anymore (more like I'm lazy lol)
Picture Credits goes to the respective owners :)

Day 1 :

Doing touch up for Fung's murdered scene,
It was really hot under that lamp -.-;;
photo credits : Isabella Tan
Murder Scene
Fung did a great job with gum & tissue :P

Day 2 :
Helping Bethany with her make up,
why are all you people so gorgeous? Tw
photo credits : Isabella Tan

My other half, Jerome (Sam Insanity)
With all that running we did, it was a great work out LOL!
Camwhore time :P
AHAHA before and after the running scene..i literally rolled on the road

Stay tuned !:-)



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