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Chinese New Year 2012 - 1st day

On the 1st day of CNY ( 23rd January 2012)
had a family dinner reunion in one of those Chinese restaurant 
Not to mention there are plenty of other families with the same idea as well lol
My cousin, don't we look alike? the genes runs in the family!

Yee sang 
see how messy we tossed it 
Looks yummy, but why you have prawn??? D:
Ikan Bawal is always mah fav  
My older sister, Sarah (Left) and me 
we look so different lols
Dress worn by me is from:  Layla Thewalkincloset 
Very Comfy & stretchy :-D
After the dinner went for a walk at Jonker (again) just to hang out lols, we youngsters ish bored XD
1st time eating this funny egg shaped ice-cream
Heavenly! passion fruit +strawberry
Smooth traffic all the way~
Wish i could stay longer in Malacca :-(
I'll be back soon!



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