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Oh the attention i'm getting! Stop it ya'll *blush*  Can't believe i'm actually sharing this post but yeah..think dee...

Malaysia Footwear Design Competition 2012

5th Malaysia Footwear Design Competition 2012 (MFDC)

Final Judging

Guest of Honor 
Datuk Dr. Victor Wee & Prof Dato' Jimmy Choo

Date : 14th February 2012 (Yes it was held on a Valentine's Day lol)
Venue : Riz Calton Hotel, Star Hill

Was actually finalist for this competition, all 3 of my designs were selected ( 2 women & 1 men)
But all effort gone to waste when i couldn't find a manufacturer to make my prototype :-(
This is one of the worst Valentine's day of my entire life (not because i'm single) 
I swear to be prepared for 2013 :-/
At least now i have expanded my list of manufactures i know, making a prototype wouldn't be a problem next year (hopefully >.<) 

At least i turned up for the event to give some support to my dear course mates & seniors who were selected for finals as well ;-)

Spotted Mr. Kee Hua Chee sleeping while one of the organizers were giving his speech LOL too bad  do not have a zoom lens, if not i would have taken a clear shot of him sleeping.
Me & Raven
Year 1 students from TARC
Pawwen from Fashiontalkrap
My outfit for the ceremony
Coat + leggings + envelope clutch
The theme is black, looks like all of us
were attending a funeral -.-;;



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