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A Place called home

The only place that makes me feel like home is the sound of waves and the smell of sea breeze...
Many things happened recently
and i just lost it..

My mind..myself..my friends..my loved one..
All i saw was a blank wall ..more or less a blank page of my life..everything was wiped clean before my eyes

As I've said before. After my first bitter experience with men this proves that all of them are just the same no matter what.

To them I'm just an empty rubbish bin where they can throw in all their problems and after I'm full they will just disappear. I'm a notebook, meant to be used and thrown away.
It hurts to know all these things
and they just kept on repeating, It's like i'll never learn. I'm a stupid girl.sorry.

I don't need any of your sympathies nor concerns. I do not deserve any of them
Many times I've crushed your heart and I'm lost of words when i hear you are willing to forgive me.
I do not deserve a person as forgiving as you..I can't bear to break your heart any further with my stupidity.
And i hope you can find someone who appreciates and deserves you better than me..

Thank you for fulfilling my crazy last random request. a getaway. Away from people we know..the crowds..the city..the technology..
Nothing planned..just let the roads leads us to our unknown destination..

Ended out in the outskirts of Selangor..



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