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Valentine's Day

Wasn't a particular favorite date of mine >.>
Seriously..as a single person you can;t go anywhere without shops telling you they are full.. What the hell?

The thing is about humans, always go after commercialize stuff.
Why can;t you present you partner with gift or roses another day aside from 14th February?
Makes no sense at all. On Valentine's all florist & gift shops purposely hiked up the prices just for that occasion and yet humans are stupid enough to still fall for it.

And getting your partner roses on that day doesn't mean you sincerely love her at all. If you do you can't be bothered by all this commercialized celebration

Stupid occasion that caused inconvenience to others :-/

Anyway enough of ranting~

Here is what i did for my Valentine's day :-D
I've decided to celebrate it the Japanese way, On the 14th Feb Girls give chocolates to guys they like/ friends as well  and in return if the guy accepts her gift he will present her back with a chocolate on the 14th March White Valentine's day)

Hutang-hutang punya Chocolate...fufufufu     
Made something really simple ( i do not own an oven so i can't bake D-: )
Chocolate Pudding! 

It's really easy to make :-) even a person who can't cook like me can do it :-P
Look out for the recipe I'll be posting soon :-D

Stay tuned! 



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