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Oh the attention i'm getting! Stop it ya'll *blush*  Can't believe i'm actually sharing this post but yeah..think dee...

Chocolate + Johnny Depp = Irresistible

What could ever be more delicious than this equation?

Chocolate + Johnny Depp = Irresistible 

I know it's a rather old movie for me to talk about, but i came across this poster a few weeks ago and realized this was one of the movies I've always wanted to watch.
It has chocolate ( my favorite) and Johnny Depp in it (double yummy), so i thought, what could go wrong with a movie like this? <--- that was my idea when i was a kid XD this movie came out around 2000? i was like 7 years old? Bet you are wondering what kind of kid with such ideas at that age lol

Overall, this movie is interesting to watch on a laid back Sunday, snuggled under your blankets :-3
No action packed moves, but just a slightly different atmosphere from the usual movies, some what unique and interesting in it's own way. 

and all the chocolate used in that movie really made me hungry lols!
Chocolates are indeed a real sinful treat TwT

Happy watching ;-)



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