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Dr.Seuss, The Lorax

This is one of the movies i've been waiting for and it has never felt so close :-D
I'm rejoicing!
Dr. Seuss has always been a favorite childhood author of mine, like some of his works that i still clearly remember is his wacky "Cat in The Hat"
By just watching "The Lorax" trailer, it's more than good enough to tell it's gonna be a good movie :-D
Go green and save earth..."You have been Warned......" <---watch the trailer and you'll get what i mean lol
I'm not gonna talk too much, just watch the movie and enjoy!
But i'll recommend if you read the book first (as usual for all book based movies) to understand clearly what is going on :-)

A random photo of myself &  ♥ Lorax made using this application :
THE LORAX <-- pls click on this link ;-)
Stand a chance to be one of the 50 lucky winners to win 3D tickets to watch The Lorax!
Isn't he so frigging cute? want hug and squeeze the fella! hope they come out with a plushie of him :-D



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