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Hunger Games Movie Review

'Happy Hunger Games! And May The Odds Be Ever in Your Favor!'
Hunger Games....
When i first saw the poster, i went like "cheh...........another wtf movie i guess.." yes, the poster wasn't eye catching. It looked almost like one Percy Jackson book covers / movie posters lolol
When the trailer came out : -

Lagi i went, "I'm not amused at all", seems kinda draggy..where is the action? >_>
Yes, It wasn't at all impressive at all, the could have made a more eye catching one lol or maybe my standards were to high? :P

I was bored last friday (the start of my sem break) , so to celebrate the end of my stressful rushed semester decided to watch Hunger Games in IOI mall, well.... that was the only new movie at that time, so why not?'
It's not like i had my hopes to high on this movie anyway (less disappointment :D )

Well, this movie has proven me wrong..
It was well made..kept me glued to the screen from start to end ( f.y.i : i did not read the novel, so i had no idea what kind of story line to expect) 
This movie has a unique story line on its own, and PLEASE..PLEASE don't TRY to compare it with the gory "Battle Royale"  >_> You might think it has a similar plot, but Battle Royale has no story line at all..It's all about blood and gore that's all.
I personally think It's great, 
the flow of the entire movie was smooth~~ something i don't mind watching again :-)
And not to mention the costumes made for the movie! 
Flamboyant and colorful! the idea was really something :D Another reason why i want to be a costume designer instead of a fashion one :P
well..everything has to start somewhere :) 

Well, I'm looking forward to the sequel then :-)
Another good part of the movie is the lovely ending song sang by 
Taylor Swift feat.The Civil Wars : - Safe and Sound
It's really catchy and soothing, and i personally loathe Taylor swift and think she looks weird, but in this MV (with nude make up) she looks good ;)
so all this while was the make up problem la~ ~ LOLS!



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