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Oh the attention i'm getting! Stop it ya'll *blush*  Can't believe i'm actually sharing this post but yeah..think dee...

LIGHT UP NIPPON: Malaysia Remembers

Event co-organized by   CosPlay-FUN  Malaysia
Thanks for the invitation! :-)
And I'm glad to have attended this mini gathering though it clashed with another event, Animax Carnival,
to remember and pray for those who were lost in last year's disaster.

Though, the weather wasn't being pleasant that day, nonetheless the fire work launching proceeded, as scheduled :-)

Information taken at : CosPlay-FUN  

"LIGHT UP NIPPON: Malaysia Remembers - is an event by the Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur, co-organized with Cosplay-FUN and Publika to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, which hit Tohoku area on 11th March last year.

The original "LIGHT UP NIPPON" project was carried out on 11th August, 5 months after the disaster, by setting off fireworks at disaster-struck areas. Now the LUN organizer and The Japan Foundation are trying to screen the documentary and launch a firework at 14:46(Japan time-13:46Malaysian time) on 11th March, the exact time the earthquake occurred, at as many cities in the world as possible. 

This event is not just to mourn the lost & remember the tragedy but also to support & encourage the people of Japan in their restoration efforts, just like the biggest fireworks event in Tokyo originally started as a memorial to the victims of a major famine back in 1733.

This event will be filmed and posted on the official website of "LIGHT UP NIPPON." 

Date: Sunday, 11th March 2012

Time: 1pm - 4pm

Venue: publika square, publika, Solaris Dutamas

Who is invited? - People who want to commemorate & celebrate the event together.

Attire? Anything fitting the Japanese Culture & is respectful to the meaning of this event (i.e. cosplay, yukata, kimono, samurai uniform or just your favourite Anime T-Shirt)

Tentative schedule: 

1:00 pm – Emcee Welcome Note

1:05 pm – LIGHT UP NIPPON Documentary Screening (28mins)
1:35 pm – Emcee Welcome Speech
1:40 pm – Preparation for fireworks
1:46 pm – Silent Prayer followed Fireworks
1:50 pm – Speech by Mr. TOYODA Shoichi, Director of Japan FKL
1:55 pm – Group Photo Session
2:15 pm – Performance by Silent Scenery
2:55 pm – Performance by Marcus Gomez
3:25 pm – Performance by David Rein & Sakura Otsuka
3:50 pm – Emcee Closing
4:00 pm – Event End

On Going Activities for the Cause:

a) Signature / Message Wall.

b) Origami Wall (paper provided but u can bring along your multi coloured paper).
c) Photo Collage holding written message signs.
d) Filming of event & also short interviews / testimonials of attendees for JFKL documentary.

Thank you for your support. Malaysia Remembers. "

Speech by Mr. TOYODA Shoichi, Director of Japan FKL 

Lowies showing her support  :) 
Capt'n on stage 
The crowd wasn't big at the start, but soon attracted passer by-s :)

This was my first time learning how to make cranes >w< Thank you J.C & Lowies for teaching me! 
Wall of heartfelt messages for Japan :-)



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