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SaSa 34th Anniversary

As mention in the title above..
SaSa has officially turned 34 this year! :-D way to go!

As one of the 10 Cyber colors glamour girl search finalist 2011, we were invited to witness this wonderful "birthday" celebration :-D

And yes, as usual, people kept commenting on my weight..o.O when i'm fat, they comment alot about it, when i'm skinny, they comment as well...leave me alone please  ・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・.
I should write up on my sudden weight loss someday lol
and it ain't a pretty thing to read about..how did i manage to ....
Lose 10 kg in the span of 7 months [coming soon]

Okay, back to the event :-) Special thanks to :-

Make up by : SaSa
Clothing by : A.L.L.I.EN. 
Styling by :  Allien Gan
Choreographer : DIVA Production

And not to mention, I LOVE my clothes for that day :-D Thanks  A.L.L.I.EN. !!
Getting our make-up done for the show

Thank you Hana for taking this photo :-)
All of us having lunch @ Chinoz, BSC, too bad Bella, Amirah & Catherine
couldn't join us for this event. We miss you guys!
We are edgy!!!! :-P
Yep, I'm TOTALLY loving the outfit 

Please excuse my fat arms, TQVM m(_ _)m
Am so glad that i get to see you girls again! Miss you guys loads!
Glad to hear that all of you are doing well ;-)



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