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Strut of A Lifetime

Ever wonder how is it like to be a person that inspires others?
A person whom everyone looks up to,
Or cat walking down runways ( I also never expected that, when i was a kid lol)
Beauty pageants isn't just about the looks on your face, 
But the true beauty that comes from within 
You can be the fairest of them all, 
But without a personality to match it, It will be such a waste.

I know there are many talented inspiring young ladies out there that are just waiting to be discovered  
And all good things will come to those who earned it :-)
By sitting at home, isn't gonna get you anywhere
so go out and explore the world! 
There are many opportunities like this just waiting for you to grasp it ;-)

Don't miss this opportunity to shine! You are never too young nor too old for this


Entry Form  >>> HERE <<<

For all you know you might be the next MISS MALAYSIA 2012! :-D

Nothing is impossible *winks*



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