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Angelic Layer - 白姫 Shirahime

First and foremost i would like to thank Venus-sama for inviting me to join her for this photoshoot :3
Angelic layer was one of the first few early series by CLAMP that I've watched when I was a kid back in primary school, at that time i didn't know who CLAMP was XD

Yes, I've been an avid CLAMP fan my entire life  
Followed every single series they came out with *fan girl drools*  
And being able to cosplay this series "Angelic Layer" was like fulfilling one of my childhood dreams!
I'm not that satisfied with my costume, as the socks I made tore apart half way though :-/
It is seriously hard to make socks with stretchy material (it's almost like jersey but with more elasticity)
and due to the rush (i took so long to prepare thanks to being a dojiko, I left one part of my costume at home, had to travel back to get it oTL)

Sorry for the trouble, Venus, Ah Blur and Joseph! Thank you so much for your patience T^T
Hope I get to re-do Shirahime again someday with the complete accessories :-)'


 Angelic Layer


Venus as Hikaru
Arisa as Shirahime 


*click on their names to view full album of photos*

Thank you to both our awesome photographers for the lovely photos :-)




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