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L'Oreal Professionnel Hair Competition 2012

I kinda forgot the exact name of the competition XD
But all i know it was for L'Oreal Professionnel
Thanks to my horrible memory oTL I think I might just forget my name some day, if this keeps up :-/

As promised, in my previous post related to this : - New Hairstyle 

I'll post the pictures up :-)

I finally just gotten the photos from my stylist as the results for finalist came out recently and unfortunately we did not get it :-(

awww.. there is always a next time! But I'm not gonna do this again @_@ It's crazy!!!!
I wouldn't mind the color, but after one month almost all the dye had came off oTL
so what was left was the bleached hair (blonde)
But I've always wanted to try dark purple or blue, the ones that look like black indoors but under certain lighting you can see the hidden colors *w*b
Need the guts to try that one day ohoho~

For my first look, see how straight and aligned my hair is? 8D
The hairstylist sure is awesome ♥
If you guys were wondering where I get my recent hairstyle done it's a T&T saloon @ Festival City Mall (it's at genting kelang,setapak)
Ask for Bryan :3

The second look

Sorry for the short post ;_;
I shall write up more often!



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