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Most Epic Meal I've Eaten in AGES!

Before i proceed with this blog post, just a little warning to my muslim friends >_<

Warning : -Non-Halal Post-

Yes! you heard that right!
Heard of the Japanese Restaurant opened in ISetan 1Utama recently ,called Menya Musashi 麺屋武蔵 ?
I'm sure you will notice the awesome queue outside that ramen shop! But It was worth every second waiting 
After being seated (got the best view in the house XD) right in front of Musashi himself ( you'll notice him by his "charismatic" shouting lolololol )
God...I'm becoming a food blogger now @_@ *oh noessssssssssssss!*
Le Menu, kinda pricey, but worth it! Portions are HUGE! 
Yep "THIS" guy lol 

They take orders in front on their counter before seating you and It's a ramen shop, so don't expect something stupid like "whether they serve curry rice or not" 
Go slap yourself left and right if you have actually thought of something like that LOL

I Initially wanted "Aka" soup, but doctor told me to stay away from oily spicy food ;_; *cries*
So took "Kuro" instead *w*
To be honest the soup is kinda addictive,
 I couldn't believe I nearly finished the whole bowl (without puking, bloody miracle) 
My Sayang took "Aka" instead taste not bad, kinda spicy but the peppery kind of spicy not the chili type
Makes you rather thirsty , so make sure to drink lots of water after consuming this dish :3

Yep, if you wanna dine here, you gotta wait like the others. This place seems to be ALWAYS full @_@
Great to know business is good lol XD

 Sorry, was a candid shot when i was playing with my DSLR settings,
but it look so funny! XD Sorry Musashi! 



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