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Saikang for Trolls

Saikang, what is that?
a term cosplayers use for "helper/ assistant" XD
Nope, I'm only helper for that shoot as i was free :B
Amelia was there to help out as well, basically each cosplayer has her maid-in-waiting <--AHAHA!
try googling that word and see the definition :-P

Recently prewtty Celine and yummy Abby has done their Shiki shoot, and oh my! I had so much fun molesting..opps! I mean helping Celine with her costume =w=b hurhur..
Damn lucky to be born as a girl sometimes, I get to look at other girls changing :D
You jelly yet guys? :-P
For thos who don't know the series Shiki, click on ME
It's an anime based on an novel actually :-) I found it quite interesting, love Megumi to bits as well!

Shiki 屍鬼
From left : Megumi, Natsuno and Tooru 

Few Omakes for the shoot :-) Thanks Usagi!
Helping with the poses 

I get to molest Celine's smexy legs 
Here is my nekkid face 8DDDD without make up ohohoh~ Surprised? 8D
LOL Celine's face XD

Do check out the full album of the shoot here :



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