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Thank You DanKhooProductions! :3

I would like to thank Dan Khoo Productions for having me over yesterday to be a part of his new project!
Indeed I'm so grateful for this opportunity to work with him :-P

Worth all the running, sweating and screaming ( my voice is nearly gone! LOL )
Worked with the most awesome and funniest dead mob everrrrrrrrrrrrrrr XD Couldn't recognize alot of people because of the heavy make up ~
Wondering what the heck am I talking about right? Stay tuned to find out! :-D
Can't really leak much information till the real thing is out, till then...hold your horses 

Don't know who is Dan Khoo?

How could you! LOL

Check him out on Youtube and his hilarious videos! Sure to keep you asking for more :D

other videos that I'm sure you have came across on Facebook (the usual viral spot for sharing a.k.a poisoning lol)
Like " Stupid Cupid" ;-)




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