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C2AGE 2012

Indeed a very BACKLOGGED post :-PPPPP
Yea, so caught up with assignments till i refuse to do it right now -____________- seriously do until sien already, i really need a break soon or my body will just literally break down again ...sigh~ No sleep...running left and right..enough to kill a person :-/

I didn't even have time to complete any costume for c2age ;___: so yea... last resort, simple cosplay with my group members! :D


Chibineko as Popura Taneshima
Arisa as Sōta "Katanashi"
Mika as Yachiyo Todoroki 


WAGNARIA!  アニメーション「WORKING´!!」


My original character in the group as actually tenchou (kyoko), but i couldnt sew my vest on time and our main katanashi couldn't make it because of work (but last minute she could yay, we bumped into her @ c2age)
All camwhore pics~~ was testing out my new digital camera :3 but i seriously think i've gotten TOO used to a dslr oTL lol Had fun poking people with Katanashi's safety weapon, what we called "kiap kiap thing" looooool~~ as usual i only attend cosplay events to catch up with friends :-) and the surprising thing is i know alot of new cosplayers (because you guys cosplay lots of mainstream characters and they ALWAYS pop out on my facebook newsfeed lol so it's official you guys banyak feymes~) but they don't even know their own cosplay senpai-s! Really shocked me, seriously~ -____________-
If a senpai can bother to remember your name, why can't you remember your senpai's name? Or you guys are just too proud to even bother? :-/ kids these days *shakes head*
I know we are old (myself 7 years), but let me say this..... we are NOT ready to retire just YET! =w= we will be back very soon~~
Yea..the problem of being low profile..hurhur~

My chibi Popura-chan!!♥ Chibineko ish indeed chibi =w=b

Finally met up Misao from Herman photography to sign the big poster he printed >w< Feel so honored! Alongside with Celine and Miss Hermes~♥ 
Thank you so much Misao !:3

Yachiyo a.k.a Miss Ganas :D

Group shot, a decent one at least XD We were are Malaysian Games and Comics Convention 2012 on day 2 as well to visit Misao's booth, hopped on the shuttle bus provided by KDU :3 and on the way back i left my "kiap kiap" thing in the van!!! T______________T emo-ed the entire night after that oTL my memory is horrible!! Beyond help jor oTL
Finally caught my otou-san :D Forever running away from meeeeeeeeeeeee ;__________; WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??? lolol maybe i too ganas kot :-P Linkinstreet from wakarimasenlol.com 

Last pic of the day, my chubby girlie derp face T__________T can never do guys~~ sighs!

Can't wait for our full group shoot later this year :D
 Stay tuned!



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