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Random Post #01

I shall start my random post series =w= that is when I'm out of topic or just a quick update lol~

Recently I accidentally dropped my face powder and it shattered oTL
Such a waste to throw it away as there is still half of it left! It can last me another few more months lol yea, i rarely use make up now, because skin condition is getting bad due to college stress @_@
Lack of sleep, so now more pimples TT________________TT *cries*

shoo ~~ shoo~ go away pimples! So i may use make up :3

 A result of my clumsiness T^T Shattered face powder (press powder) 

Use your blusher brush (or anything with a large blunt tip)  to pound the rest of the shattered press powder to make it fine an even :3

 Careful when pounding the remaining face powder (remember to off your fan before proceeding with the pounding lolol wouldn't want it to make a mess everywhere, no?)

Remember to prepare an empty container (it would be great if you recycled one of your old loose powder containers :3 at least it has a cap for you to control the amount of powder you want to use next time *and a fluffy sponge as well*)  Just pour the finely crushed press powder into the container and close the cap..

 Voila! You have loose powder now :D and saved yourself the trouble and money of getting a new face powder! For even application, just use a face powder brush and gently brush it all over your face :-)

I know it is something basic that everyone girl should know, just a little reminder on how we can save our make up ladies :-) Works well for any powder make up like, eye shadow (or you can use abit of alcohol to press back the shape), blusher..etc
I would not recommend alcohol to save your face powder because no.1, it's too big and you'll need to use alot of alcohol to save it lol >_< and it will affect the texture of the powder too! Preferably used for small things like eye shadow.



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