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Wallet Make Over

Here is what i do when I'm stressed out from the piling assignments :3
I'll just do some D.I.Y to calm myself down (needed a new wallet anyway, since my old one has died :-P lol)
I know of all things why arts and craft eh?
I dunno...maybe i grew up doing that? XD

I still remember, back in the early schooling days how i would refuse to do my homework :-/ instead ... I opened up an arts and craft book to pick up a project to keep me occupied :-P heh heh..
Worst way to escape from homework (in the end still kena force to finish it la XD)

Just sharing a simple way on how you can modify your old wallet if your not satisfied with the current pattern or it's too plain(need to pimp it up a lil) :-)

First you would need : -

I'm using the Insang Pari stitch to sew :3

It is quite simple and fast once you get the hang of the stitching :3

Good Luck! 





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