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Bon Odori @ Publika!

Since I missed the previous Bon odori celebration at Matsushita stadium last Saturday,you can't imagine how upset i was for missing Bon Odori  2 YEARS in a row :-(
Last year i was away shooting for my reality TV competition : Cyber Colors Glamour Girl search 
and this year Pc Fair just had to clash with Bon odori :-/

was emo-ing the whole saturday thinking about the friends i couldn't meet up with :-( But i thank those who kept me company during Pc fair Really grateful that you guys dropped by to visit, it means the whole world to me to have friends like you guys! Awww... 

At least I'm glad to know that Publika @Solaris will be hosting their 1st ever Bon Odori celebration! I might finally get a chance to wear my yukata! Yay! :-)

Will update my blog on Pc fair soon! ;-)
Stay tuned 

Hope everything goes well this weekend! ;-) 
See you there! 




William Kuniadi said...

who's the one that accompanying u in PCFAIR????

William Kuniadi said...


Arisa said...

william : i know la :P you lor~ XD thank you! :)

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