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Oh the attention i'm getting! Stop it ya'll *blush*  Can't believe i'm actually sharing this post but yeah..think dee...

Dolly Wink Promotion

Dolly Wink will be having a 1 week Atrium promotion at Farenheit 88 from 
27 August - 2 September 2012

This time they will be featuring Dolly Wink Limited edition 2012 promotion where you can purchase 3 pairs of  Dolly Wink lashes for only RM 55!

That is a real sweet deal! ;-) The usual ones are like 2 pairs for RM59.90 >w<

Free make-over with a minimal purchase of RM120 on Dolly Wink products!

You won't be able to miss this set up especially with Tsubasa's trademark doll look on it 

OMG!! I so love Dolly Wink's lashes!♥ 
Should buy some to try since they are having promotion now :-)

Don't miss this chance to splurge on Dolly Wink products babes!
For more details and the latest updates do follow their Facebook page





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