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I've just turned Lesbian

Yes. I think i just did, over this gorgeous picture of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in a sleek black corset. Really Meow 
I would say she is one of the best choices for Catwoman compared to Halle berry (sorry halle, you were to S&M for Catwoman lol)

She is what you call sensual, natural born gorgeous (lemme add in "drop dead" lol)  
I Would die for curves like that D:

And i don't mind watching The Dark Knight Rises AGAIN because it is a frigging awesome movie *hearts*

If you are looking for corsets (especially like the one Anne is wearing) Let me recommend a place to shop!
They deal online and offline as well ;-) Bought my corsets from here,the seller is quite friendly and helpful 



p/s : Yes, i'm bored from all the work D: So I random troll post :D



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