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Mirai's Maid Uniform

An up-close on my Mirai Costume that was completed specially for the Cosplay parade during Tokyo Street's 1st Anniversary last month ;-)
Thank you so much Solomon for giving me the privilege to be part of this new Mirai family ♥

To me this is the biggest achievement for me this year (so far) >w< 
Completed this costume in less than 2 days and the MOST NEATEST sewing ever (with edging as well!) lol
The perks of being a fashion design student :-P can use the sewing machine and over-lock machine anytime you want XD  

Usually i don't do edging for my costumes if i am in a rush @_@ because i don't have a over-lock machine at home D: wonder if i should invest on one? Kinda pricey *head desk* if anyone has/ saw a reasonable priced one, do drop me an email  < arisa1443@gmail.com > :-) Thank you!

Kept them for years, finally had use for it ♥

Sewing the sleeve ~

And I ♥ the laces Daiso sells ♥♥ Exactly what i was looking for and RM5 for 2 meters of this lace is kinda worth it! (if you are a last minute material hunter lol)

Attaching the lace round the costume♥ 

Did't have enough time to make embroidery badges..last result, used liquid paper to draw the initials on XD LOL

TADAAAA! The completed costume ♥ Love the bow the most because the effect came out exactly hot i wanted it to be. Had to iron interfacing inside the bow to keep the bow standing :-)

Overall i had fun sewing this costume, and the amount of cotton laces used >w< love the effect! Now i shall invest more on better quality materials and proper detailing on my costumes!


Arisa ♥



~PPY~ said...

nice costume and nice cosplay!!! =D

Arisa said...

Thanks dear! >w<

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