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Rakuzen's Orgin

A friend of mine told me that the first ever Rakuzen opened in SS15, PJ (that is something i never bothered finding out unless someone tells me lol) and they serve the best Japanese cuisine compared to the other Rakuzen branches around KL..so we went there to "makan" dinner after my shoot with Isabella yesterday  

The ambiance is pretty cool actually :-) It's like walking into those old traditional Japanese restaurants in Japan..And they don't have those electric sushi belts that you usually find in every sushi shop.Over here everything is done manually (the ordering) and that is a good thing, your food comes freshly made unlike the usual sushi they serve on the belt that goes around for hours and they keep on topping up fresh ones that mixes together with the old ones (double eww..when you think of it lol)

This place must have a very good reputation, we went there around 6pm it was already half full, only the counter tables were available..in half an hour the whole place was packed! LOL so if you wanna eat here, best time to go is EARLY :-P

Not forgetting to mention service here is fast and efficient too! ;-) They make sure your cup of ocha is always full. 
Food wise I'll grade it 9/10, because the sashimi salad roll i ordered was super fresh!     
Didn't really eat much because i didn't really had the appetite to eat :-/   

Seriously couldn't remember the name of my dish, proves how air headed i was feeling after a break up and fever :-/ My mind was totally blanked the whole day. All i know this is a sashimi rolled in raw vegetable dish  served in sour soy sauce LOL 

This one the other hand, belong to my friend's dish (it's just one of the side dishes) Have to admit their set portions are always huge! @__@

Thank you for the lovely dinner Nikki! :-)

I know, not my usual blog post ...lack of photos..and the usual stuff.. :-(
Sorry guys!
Will do better in my next blog post..still recovering from mental shock :-(





Justin YSS said...

You can still post after a breakup? Thats amazing. Doubt your readers will mind as long as you're fine :)

Arisa said...

Justin : aww...thanks sweetie :-) It's really sweet of you to say that..♥ And thank you so much for reading my crappy post >.< LOL

Justin YSS said...

Erm, been reading quite a bit actually. Sorry i blame my overly kepo mind. Hope you feel better soon! :)

Arisa said...

Justin : haha, there..there..It's not called kepo la :-P i post publicly like that obviously is for everyone to read right? XD Thanks..i hope so too..

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