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Random Post #02 Cleaning Cosmetic Brushes

Another one of the random things i do at home lol :-P

Cleaning your make up brushes at least once a month helps control the amount of dirt piling within your brushes..yea..whenever i wash my brushes i go...ewww..at the color of the water! lol..the color doesn't seem so amusing, especially the eye-shadow brush, because we dip it in so many colors haha! XD

And drying them the proper way has always been a trouble since i do not own proper equipment such as a good quality brush guard to keep the brush standing on it's head (mentioned in Michelle Phan's tutorial)

They even have special racks for drying brushes O_o

The brush guard method lol

Drying make up brushes the proper way is important to maintain your brushes :-) So you can tryout my "cheapo" method lol. It's seriously lost cost :-P

Things you need :-

  • Masking tape (avoid sellotape as they leave sticky residues on the brushes' body >.<)
  • Hanger
  • Thick clothes peg
Prepare a layer of masking tape for the bottom (any length depending on how many brushes you are drying)
place the brushes on the masking tape, make sure to leave some gap for each brushes, wouldn't want them to cramp up together lol and place another layer of masking tape on top to seal the brushes :-)

 Make sure you squeeze the brushes till they are not dripping wet

Then peg them to a hanger and dry them indoors, avoid direct sunlight and heat .Voila! Your done :-)
It's that simple. Wouldn't even need to use a brush guard already XD





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