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Sheryl Nome [Universal Bunny]

One of the cosplays that I've always wanted to do but didn't have the chance until now ;-)
Have loads of back logs cosplay plans to clear because according to my calculations i think it can last me until 2015 T^T *sobs* Not including the add on new plans lol

Sheryl Nome [Universal Bunny Album Cover]

Didn't managed to get this pose 100% right D: feel so failed/ sorry Sheryl! Felt as if I didn't do you any justice >.< /slapself

Thank you Usagi for taking the time to come over and do this shoot :-)
This shoot was done in my house's living room (took me the whole night to prepare the place >.< so hence panda eyes)
Hand sew the cloth together because i don't have a sewing machine in my house >.< and i ran out of duct
tape, so substitute with masking tape instead, thank god it is sticky enough to hold up the cloth for 2 hours ♥

Wig credits go to beloved Reina-chan!  ;-) Thank you so so much for lending me the wig!! >w<  Owe you makan the next time we meet 

Here, a bribe instagram photo :D

The shoot was fun, first time doing topless shoot for cosplay @_@ LOL all the hair flipping, took us nearly 2 hours just for 1 photo. And darn the portable fan that had to spoil on that day of the shoot =_= If not there wouldn't be the trouble of flipping hair so many times /rage.
Yes, expectations was crazy..but I'm glad we managed to pull it off :)

Photo Credits to Black Rabbit Photography 
a.k.a Hexlord /Usagi
Noob editing by me >.< and no kira-kira background D: gomen! 
p/s : please excuse my bulging fats  >.< I don't know how to liquify them lol





Samui Yuki said...

such a lovely Sheryl you are~~
No spunk that she has but it's more like the nicer and lady like version of Sheryl~~
Truly the Galaxy Fairy~~

Kian Fai Koh said...

@@ *nose bleed*

Arisa said...

Samui Yuki : Thank you for your kind words dear >////< *blush* I will try to improve on my sheryl more :)

Kian Fai Koh : *gives tissue* XD

Angeline Ng said...

wow so sexy shot! :D and I like the cosplay outfits!

visit my blog: angelineng92.blogspot.com

city said...

thanks for sharing.

Arisa said...

Thanks for dropping by City! :-)

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