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Pink Sale @ SaSa Malaysia!

OMG!! Sasa is forever tempting me with their value for money prices on beauty products and cosmetics!! >w< Sure pokaii every time there is a promotion or sale.

Previously was their 49th Anniversary Sale and now they are back with Pink Sale! Valid from today onwards (29th September) till 28th October 2012! A month long sale ♥ ♥
I'm just sharing a few of their catalog scans containing MUST have items (in my opinion >w<) from their fanpage :-)

I would most definitely suggest to get Cyber colors Gemstone Aqua Base Pudding Foundation (phew! that was indeed a mouthful lol) I'm  currently using that :-D Easy to blend and smooth clear finish! Best part is the  texture isn't thick nor sticky and doesn't clog pores  ♥ Been using it since i was introduced to it last year :3 Haven't dared to switch to any other foundations ever since! And now priced @ RM59.90 instead of RM89.90!! Awesome steal price!
I'm also selling off my brand new foundation (bought wrong color) includes free postage as well :-)
More info here : http://bit.ly/QwD3kr

2nd would be the Dejavu Fiberwig Extra Long Mascara.The extension is amazing!♥ Smooth application doesn't clump that easily and smudge proof :-) Best part it can be easily removed with warm water, suitable for lazy people like me >w< ohoho~  Check out my review here : DEJAVU MASCARA REVIEW (please pardon my bad quality photos >.< didn't have proper equipment back then oTL)

K-PALETTE Cosmetics with extra 20% off! *w* 

Their Zero Kuma Concealer is AMAZINGGGGGGGGG! Blends easily but just patting it until it evens out , great for concealing eye bags! While your at it don't forget to check out their 24 hour Tattoo Liquid Liner :-)
Check out my review on K-palatte cosmetics : K-Palette Review

For full catalog please view this link below :

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Happy Shopping Girls! ♥





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