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Oh the attention i'm getting! Stop it ya'll *blush*  Can't believe i'm actually sharing this post but yeah..think dee...

Working!! ワーキング Photoshoot

Finally had time to update my blog >.< Glad we had a full 
Working!! ワーキング cosplay group photoshoot!! Big thank you to our dedicated group leader Chibineko (our literally chibi popura-chan :D ) for taking the time to drag the entire group together :3 *hugs*
Loads of random moments and not to mentioned the "special order parfait" made by Jonathan lol recipe by Mika.
And a HUMONGOUS thank you to Work & Chill Cafe for allowing us to do our shoot there! :-)  
All of us can't thank you enough Jonathan! *bows* Hope we didn't scare your customers D:

Okay, time to introduce our group members! *deep breath* 


Sota Takanashi - Hito
Popura Taneshima - Chibineko
Mahiru Inami - Ping
Yachiyo Todoroki - Mika
Kyouko Shirafuji - Arisa 
Maya Matsumoto - Kiraneko
Satou Jun - Xenon
Souma Hiroomi - Junnie


Big thank you to all our saikangs who helped us with the shoot, without you guys we all would have been in a mess >w<


See Wah


 Please "LIKE" their Facebook page to support! :3

P/S : dear photographers/ cosplayers, if you guys plan to do future photoshoot at Work & Chill's humble cafe please do contact them before hand to make reservations and PLEASE BEHAVE (i know alot of you guys tend to act like Jakuns :-/, but please don't disrupt other people's business!) It doesn't only apply here, but to every other potential shooting location as well.Thank you.

Hoping for moarrrr photos soon >w< * excited*





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