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A Day with KISS ME

Which is yourstyle? :-)

Had a fun day shoot for KISS ME yesterday! :-) Was really unexpected to receive the call regarding this shoot :-P Finally get to meet with Michelle Ooi from http://the-kins.blogspot.com/, thanks for being an awesome host, love your house design♥ Really classy :D
Crazy morning with bunch of blogger babes, make up artists, funky photographer and not to mention our pimp daddy, Don :D lol /please don't kill me♥

What is this for? 
It's a surprise :-P You'll soon find out ♥ Tehehee~

Our funky photog, Jasiminne (in the trolley  while Sheena helps her take the photo XD I seriously wondered where did the trolley come from lol

My awesome make up artist Jynn Looi that did the transformation♥ Check out her breathtaking works here : https://www.facebook.com/JynnLooi
 She was also the make up artist during Dan Khoo's The Lynas Project MV :D

 The finished look :3 My first time having someone do this type of make up on me XD Usually i'll do on my own, because not many make up artist knows how to do this big eye effect, Jynn is so awesomeeeeeeeeeeee!

 Pimp daddy (Don) & Me 
and on the bright side the filters didn't make you look so brown Don! haha~ XD

Zana-chan is soooooo beautiful ♥ Regardless of the "sexaay" voice yesterday lols

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Thank you!

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Something BIG is brewing *winks* ;-)

~Stay tuned~





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