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Dolly Wink Latest Release & Promotion!

Happy Wednesday Girls! One more day and we will soon have a long weekend! *winks* ;-)

Hang on!
Any plans for your weekend yet? (=^-ω-^=) If you have not why not just spend some relaxing time shopping? :-D

Dolly Wink (Malaysia) has just released 3 new designs for sale in the market today! :-D

Design no.15 : Pure Girl
Sweet, simple ad natural! suitable for daily wear ☆⌒(*^∇゜)v

Design no.16: Dolly Mix
For a big eye opener look, this seems suitable :) Time to flaunt those lovely big dreamy eyes  ♥

Design no.17 : Diamond Dolly
Now this is a design i so want to try >w<  looks natural yet has sufficient amount of volume to make it look like dolly lashes, not too exaggerating (´∀`)♡

And Koji-Honpo (Dolly Wink Malaysia) has just announced a great promotion for their facebook fans! So if your not a fan, quickly go like & subscribe (add to list of interest) So you won't miss out on  future promotions/deals and latest updates ♥ :-)

Now buy 1 mascara + 1 pack of Dolly wink lashes for only RM99! 
*Limited time only*

Free postage too (includes east & west Malaysia)
A great saver for all Dolly wink fans! Not to be missed o(≧∇≦o)*yay*

For more updates remember to drop them a "LIKE" today ♥ :-)




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