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GUESS 30th Anniversary Giveaway Results!

Sorry for being late guys! Just got back from work :-) And now it is time to reveal our winner for the GUESS giveaway

I've listed out all the names of the participants in Fruit Machine  in order (according to who commented first to be fair)

A big thank you to all our 12 awesome participants for making this giveaway a success! 
Without you guys this wouldn't have even happened :') 

And a HUGE thank you to GUESS Malaysia for being so generous with the voucher!Just a  few simple clicks and yet it can be so rewarding eh? :-D don't you just love giveaways? I do tehehe~ :3
Thanks for waiting!
I proudly present our winner for my GUESS 30th Anniversary Giveaway! *drumroll please*

And the winner is.....................................................

Laura Leia! *pops confetti*

Winner has been contacted via email, please do check your email and reply a.s.a.p to claim your prize! :-)

Thank you!

Once again, thank you everyone! Stalk my blog for more future giveaways! and i can smell another giveaway just around the corner!
Stay tuned





Tammy Miu said...

congratulations Laura!!!

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