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NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto: Coffee Can Be Art Challenge

Disclaimer :
I do not own the character, Coffy as I'm am just cosplaying her to make the video more "colorful" i guess? lol and I'm not paid by anybody to do this or whatsoever as this is a personal blogpost on my journey together with Dolce Gusto :)
Coffee is Not Just Black
Hi Everyone! :-)
Thank you so much for taking the time to view my blog >w< 
I'll make this post my dairy for the Dolce Gusto blogger's challenge, and i will update this post every end of the week till 31st October 2012. All i hoped is for you guys to just take 1 second of your time to share and view this post :-)
Thank you!  

The quality of my videos are horrible, I'm so sorwyyyyyy! T^T recorded via webcam oTL /bangsheadonwall
I know i talk too much lol you can skip the video before you flip your computer 8D *trollface*

Week 1: Artwork feat Coffy-chan 
I shall make it a point to draw out a summary of my week with NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto
p/s : Please pardon me for the ugly 5 mins doodle/paiseh

(Oct 1st- Oct 7th 2012)
Right click for a bigger and clearer view 
Week One [1]

[D]amn stressful 2nd week of college
[O]ver piling amount of assignments
[C]offee that soothes the soul during my break down moments  
[L]iterally dying
[E]xcited over the arrival of Piccolo-chan  Genio

[G]etting ready in the morning without a cup of coffee is difficult lol
[U]nglam moments of myself for the past whole week so i refused to camwhore 8D /kena shot
[S]tudying for Tamadun Islam exam sure is difficult when your memory is a size of a pea (yep, mine is lol)
[T]oo easily amused by Piccolo-chan Genio, i can literally just stare at it as it makes my coffee haha!
[O]fficially ready to face the 2nd week with COFFEE 

And yep, here is the vid on how to use your Dolce Gusto :3 Sorry for the shaky and bad quality video >.<  was holding the camera with one hand and the other trying to manage Piccolo-chan Genio >.<
Hope you at least get the rough idea lol

Read more about Piccolo-chan Genio here : 

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どうもありがとう ! (>w<)v





JC Wong said...

Ahahaha penguin. Love the artwork =)

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