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S.O.S for Votes ♥

Hi everyone, 

Sorry for the sudden wave of spams on facebook! I've just been notified that I've been selected as one of their shortlisted participants for A.F.O Radio Angel Search 2012 !
Now is the 1st round of voting (this round will help determine whether i'll make it to the finals or not)
So please lend me your shoulders once again everyone! >w<

This pageant is well known to be Facebook VOTE based (according to my observation last year) so yea, do expect me to spam my wall very often if I managed to get finalist :-P 

Just follow the 3 simple steps below :

Step 1: "Like" AFORADIO

Step 2: Vote for me "Arisa Chow" - http://on.fb.me/UaqgBB

Step 3 : Don't forget to share it on your wall as well :-)

Voting period is 29th Oct (12am) - 9th Nov (12am)

 And you will stand a chance to get invites for the finals!
Thank you! (☆^ー^☆)

And last but not least my entry for VEET's VEET IT OFF Competition!

Remember the blogpost i did previously, for the D.I.Y Skull Shirt?

I swear this is only 2 simple steps! :-P

1st step : Search the name : LISA CHOW 

2nd : Click "VOTE"

Hurry! Voting for Veet ends in 3 DAYS!

Thank you so much everyone!!! Remember to get your family and friends to vote as well ;-)  
Sorry for the trouble! :-) ♥




Jean said...

wow! i love ur skull head crop tee!! good work!

Arisa said...

Thanks Jean! :-) Do share it with your friends and family as well k? <3 *hugs* :)

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