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Big Bad Wolf Sale [63Hours Madness]

As you guys know Big Bad Wolf Sale is starting in less than 24 hours, gotten your wallets and shopping list ready for the biggest book sale in Malaysia yet? :-D

And great news too! They will be having 63 hours of non stop of book shopping mayhem!! *Squeals*
So happens it falls on the same day as PcFair too T^T *sobs*
Do remember to drop by KLCC and say hi :-D I'll be working for AVIRA again 

Because of BBW being so awesome, I'm able to attend the sale after my work at 10pm!!
Yay!! Thank you so much Big Bad Wolf!♥

Venue : Mines Convention Center
Time : 9am - 9pm
Date : 7th - 23rd December 2012

For latest updates remember to put them under your list of interest on Facebook :-)

See you there!(=^-ω-^=)



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