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Lezzetto's Premium Gelato Giveaway Results

I've just got back from my outstation job in Penang :-P 
I hereby present to you the two (2) lucky winners of my Lezzetto's Premium Gelato Giveaway last month :-)

*drumroll please*

Due to some unfortunate circumstances our previous winner Vincent has not replied my email to claim his prize within 48 hours, to be fair prize has been given to our next potential winner :-)

That is Aizuto-Chan (devilflames08@hotmail.com)
Congratulations dear! Email has been sent, remember to check your spam box just in case ;-)


Congratulations to 
Vincent Loke (wingcrusader@gmail.com)
May aNG (shirleyhane@hotmail.com)

Both winners will be contacted by email shortly :-) So do remember to check your spam mail as well! Thank you everyone for participating in this giveaway~ 
Don't be sad if you have not gotten anything this round, remember this is the month of Christmas, expect more prezzies coming soon  :-P




May aNG said...

Thanks Arisa!!

Arisa said...

welcome dear :) do remember to check your email and reply! <3

May aNG said...

Still not yet get your mail.

Arisa said...

Please check your spam box dear :)unless the email you provided is incorrect. I've just resent again the email. Thank you!

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