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STACCATO First Official Launch in Malaysia

STACCATO Finally in Malaysia!!! :-D And it is STACCATO's highest store in Asia ♥ 

Their store was launched earlier this month in Genting Highlands on 12th December 2012 exactly at 12.12.12pm (and they say the world would end on 12.12.12 lol Guess it just did because there is a new shoe shopping paradise for all the ladies out there! :-D wohoo~ )

The official ribbon cutting ceremony was done by Miss Lee Yean Fung, General Manager of Staccato Malaysia, Mr Edison Lee, the Director of Nautical Concept Pte Ltd alongside with local celebrities who graced the event with their appearance such as  famous TV Host/Emcee Daphne Iking, Malaysia's top supermodel mother Amber Chia and Xiao Yu.

Models posing with Miss Lee and Mr Edison

After the official launching, A runway leaded by Amber Chia showcasing all the gorgeous shoes and bags that were available on the shelves that day :-)
You can't imagine what happened after the fashion show, women raided Staccato(literally) trying on all the comfy shoes.

Gorgeous flats by Staccato

Traditional red balloon popping ceremony was done during the ribbon cutting ceremony. It a symbol of prosperity and to scare away bad luck (me thinks? @_@ Not really familiar with Chinese traditions, sorry >.< lol)

Mr Edison and Amber Chia

Mr Edison with the host of the day, Daphne Iking 

And remember the term shop and be rewarded? Guest who attended the launching were entitled to
participate in their lucky draw with every purchase and the prizes was a 1 year supply of shoe by Staccato and JWest respectively (Omg! I wish i was there instead T_T sobs imagine, a year worth of shoe supplies you need not shop for the rest of the year) Whoever the winner is, you are one damn lucky gal! Congrats on your winning :-)

From news I've heard they will be opening one Staccato branch here in KL soon and I can't wait for that!♥ Can't get enough of shoes ♥ :-P

More about Scaccato do check out their website : 



Chuen said...

Ohhh..I would buy the leopard print flats!

Arisa said...

They have other exciting designs as well! :) Can't wait to drop by their shop soon to tryout all those lovely shoes >w< <3

Isabel said...

wow the models are taller than amber chia @_@

TheJessicat.com said...

I couldn't make it on that afternoon lor! :( Looks nice glad u had fun babe xoxo

Arisa said...

yep they are really tall XD

Arisa said...

haha, i didnt go too babe :) Press released was sent to us ;)

lisa said...

Can i know the telephone number of the staccato here? Thx

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